Over the past 15 years I have written literally hundreds of short stories. Many have been published in various magazines and fiction anthologies including Albedo One, Faces, In Between Days, Folio and others. Other stories have been featured in nationwide contests. But my favorite stories are the really odd ones, the ones never seen anywhere because they were just too strange.

I have decided to publish all these stories for free on Wattpad. If you are not familiar with Wattpad, then you are in for a treat. Wattpad is the democratization of literature–in a good way. Users may publish short stories without need for approval, acceptance or red tape! They can freely share them with friends and family. It has been called the social media of writing. I saw the power of this service after watching a group of junior high students discuss each other’s stories with appreciation and interest. I think its great that kids (and grown up kids) can experiment and enjoy each other’s words. Wattpad is also ideal for readers who don’t have access to libraries or the funds to purchase books.

I will update a story by three chapters each week until the stories are done then they will be replaced with another story! Please enjoy the stories below:

In The Full Bright: The Story of An African American Slave
Now on Wattpad!!! A young African slave buries his brother during the yearly suckering. I wrote this short story after
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The Life and Times of the Cheshire Cat
Now on Wattpad!!! The-kitten-without-a-name sees things, even when others can’t see him. He sees the madness of his Mistress Jane,
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Map of Oceans
Now on Wattpad!!! The Blue Gull crashed on the rocks a half mile from shore more than fifty years ago.
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Song of Burning Souls
Now on Wattpad!!! The song haunted Andrew’s dreams. Then he found the singer: Lithe-a girl made of flame who lives
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The Futurepast Phone
Now on Wattpad!!! Young Lindy suddenly finds herself responsible for the fate of man kind after she answers the ring
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