Sorry, This Seat Is Taken – Dealing With the “It’s Too Late” Fallacy

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Over and over again I keep hearing the following:

“Blogs are so 2005 If you didn’t start one ten years ago, no one’s going to read you.”

“Youtube is so 2010. If you didn’t start one six years ago, sorry someone else has taken your niche.”

“Podcasts are so 2008. If you didn’t start one eight years ago, sorry, all the listeners already have their favorites.”

“Kidlit fantasy reached its peak in 2007. No one is interested now.”

In other words:

“These seats are already taken!”

But let me ask you this:

How long has recorded music been popular?
How long have movies been popular?

“It’s too late” is merely a scary story. What it really means is, “You have competition.”

But competition doesn’t mean opportunity is lost. What might have happened if Ingrid Bergman had tapped Barbara Streisand on the shoulder in 1960 when the already accomplished singer aimed toward film and said, “There are simply too many leading ladies in Hollywood. If only you’d started in 1939, maybe you would have had a chance.”

We invent new mediums and the early adopters find early success. Mid to late adopters have to face a stronger competition. But does that mean we shouldn’t fight?

Banish the “It’s too late” lie from your psyche. It is merely Resistance offering you a cop out from doing your work.

There are always opportunities. There are always grassroots takeovers. There are a zillion cracks in the concrete to bloom in.



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