Is It Possible To Go Back?

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Sometimes you will wonder if it’s possible to take it all back.

Deconstruct, destroy, take stuff down.

Maybe the work is scaring you. Maybe you don’t know the next step and nothing is working. Maybe people are ignoring you, being mean to you, not taking you seriously, disrespecting you. Maybe it’s too expensive. Maybe some other shiny thing beckons. Maybe its boring. Maybe you secretly feel safe wallowing in anonymity and failure.

In every story, the hero reaches a point of no return. This usually happens at the end of the second act and is typically called “The Dark Night of the Soul.” At this point in the story, the character is deep in the mess of things and, like it or not, he has to go forward or he will be killed by the forces of antagonism aligning against him.

In the first Jurassic Park, this moment takes place in the visitor’s center, when deadly dinosaurs have completely taken over. Everyone is trapped. They can’t get on a helicopter, they can’t get inside the safety of the car, they can’t contain the monsters. No escape! If they don’t do something clever soon, they will surely all die.

Death can come in many ways. Social death, career death, spiritual death, death death.

In order to defeat his foes the hero has to grow. Growing is scary and hard, so we wonder if it’s possible to take it all back.

Here’s something to keep in mind:

If it is possible, you haven’t gone far enough.

If it isn’t possible, you might get to where you going very, very soon.





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