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Some of my sketches

I have been working hard on a short story for the past several weeks. It is not due out until some time in late July but I thought I would share my cover sketches with you.

I have been thinking a lot about how we are always talking about humans destroying nature by polluting the planet. It is a serious concern, I agree. But a long time ago, it was nature getting the best of us. Early humans had to fight every danger in order to survive. Even though the tables have turned, I imagine a time when they were just on the cusp of turning–maybe a hundred and fifty years ago or so. I decided to illustrate my ideas then write some dark stories about nature reminding us about who’s boss.

The stories will roll out slowly,  but this first is almost done. I will reveal the title soon.

The illustration is kind of freaky, eh?

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  1. Hello Erika, your cover sketches are brilliant. I can’t wait for the day that I get to bring the finished item home to my children. They will appreciate them very much.
    I found you from reading your comment (Sep 5) on Pressfield’s website. The last time I felt so excited by the concept of a wolf’s call I was sitting in a high school class 20 years ago painfully bored and thinking the feeling was entirely preordained and inescapable. I had just read the term in a novel and it opened up my world. Now your comment has again opened my mind about why I really want to write. Thank you.

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