My Story Has Appeared In Albedo One Issue 46

Written by on August 12th, 2016 // Filed under Erika Viktor, Erika's Writings

Albedo One Issue 47

A short story of mine has appeared in one of the top Science Fiction and Horror magazines! The story, entitled My Lying Ears, My Lying Eyes and renamed Body of Lies for this publication (I am fond of longer titles) is one of the first adult horror stories I ever wrote. My writer’s group and I got together one Halloween and decided to have a short story contest of sorts. I had kept a dark entry in a notebook about the rare and terrifying phenomena of lithopedions, or stone children. The note became the story.

A young American doctor discovered a calcified fetus in the body of a Malian woman and tries to sell it to a collector of pickled punks. When his deception is discovered, he is haunted by the starving children of Mali.

You can order a copy of Issue 46 via the web.


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