I Give You Permission

Written by on October 3rd, 2016 // Filed under Craft Of Writing, Encouragement & Philosophy, Erika Viktor, Writing Advice

Just Waiting

We are waiting.

Perhaps the waiting comes from our childhood days, our school days, the days of our first jobs, first bosses.

You remember? The clock gave us permission, the teacher gave us permission, the parent gave us permission.

After we got permission, we could play!

We are still waiting for permission. We are waiting for a parent figure, lover, a parent, a friend, or God herself to give us permission to go out and be that thing we want to be, to live our dream.

But we are never going to get that permission. Your parents aren’t paying attention. Your friends don’t care what you do. Your lover wants you to stay the way you are. God isn’t talking.

So, if you still need someone, anyone to give you permission to live your authentic, real life . . . let me step in.

I give you full permission.

If that didn’t work, simply give yourself permission.

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