What If Dreams Were Like Puppies?

Written by on October 5th, 2016 // Filed under Encouragement & Philosophy, Erika Viktor, Writing Advice

If your dream was a puppy, would you be a good owner?

Let’s imagine you adopt your dream, all floppy-eared and sweet-smelling from the dream farm.

You are excited to have a dream. You have wanted one all your life. As soon as you adopt it, you give it a name.

The first day of dream ownership is fun. You play around with your dream. You tell your family about your dream.

But on day two, you get sort of busy. Same for day three, and day four.

Then you promptly forget about it.

How long would it take for that little dream to die of starvation?

Or would you feed the dream just enough to keep it alive, but neglect it so profoundly that it starts doing mean things to your mind just to get attention, things like chewing your thoughts and peeing on the proverbial rug?

The dream can’t help its bad behavior, after all, it wants love and food just like the rest of us.

You brought the dream home, you named it, you called it your own. Now, it’s time to feed that dream.

Feed it with your energy.

Walk with it and take care of it and feed it. Every. Single. Day.

Do these things and It will be your companion for life.



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