Albedo One Issue 47

My Story Has Appeared In Albedo One Issue 46

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Albedo One Issue 47

A short story of mine has appeared in one of the top Science Fiction and Horror magazines! The story, entitled My Lying Ears, My Lying Eyes and renamed Body of Lies for this publication (I am fond of longer titles) is one of the first adult horror stories I ever wrote. My writer’s group and I got together one Halloween and decided to have a short story contest of sorts. I had kept a dark entry in a notebook about the rare and terrifying phenomena of lithopedions, or stone children. The note became the story.

A young American doctor discovered a calcified fetus in the body of a Malian woman and tries to sell it to a collector of pickled punks. When his deception is discovered, he is haunted by the starving children of Mali.

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August 12th, 2016


The Paris Flea Market

Antiques & Vintage // Erika Viktor // Erika's Writings


This article recently appeared in Faces Magazine, April 2014!

Awhile back, I visited The Paris Flea market to look for fun finds! Also, to generally get into trouble for taking pictures of items.

Do you know how old the city you live in is? Chances are it isn’t as old as Paris. The city got its name about two thousand years ago, but scientists think people have been living there for as long as 700,000 years! That’s a lot of time for people to make and buy stuff like pots, blankets, paintings and furniture. When an object is really old, we call it an antique—or as the French sometimes call it: ancien.


Every Saturday through Monday antique and art dealers gather at the Les Puces de Saint-Ouen flea market to sell old things. Where do they find old things? Sometimes regular people sell them stuff, but most often, dealers search in old basements, junk yards, churches and attics to find their treasures. Something that looks like junk may in fact be worth a lot of money.IMG_6165

For instance, an old pair of ladies’ boots can sell for two-hundred Euros; that’s about $260 US dollars! And what about old handkerchiefs you use to blow your nose? An antique handkerchief can cost up to $500 dollars depending on the quality of the needlework. People even buy one-hundred-year-old underwear!

Not all antiques are common things you or I might throw away. Many are unique works of art. If you have enough money, you can own a marble statue carved six hundred years ago, or a painting done by a famous artist. Because Paris has always been known as a city that supports artists of all types, the Paris flea market is filled with beautiful things.


People come to the Paris flea market because it is one of the largest flea markets in the world. On a typical Saturday you will find 2,500-3,000 booths. That’s a lot of stuff to sort through! Collectors are always ready for the job though. They want to find that one special treasure to make their collection complete. Other people come to the market to find things to decorate their house or business. Have you ever been in a restaurant with a lot of old things all over the walls? They probably found those things at a flea market just like the one in Paris.

IMG_6208Not all antiques are expensive. Small items like coins, toys, and books can be bought for less than five dollars. Part of the fun is looking for something that is priced below what people typically pay for it. Many buyers find cheap items and find out they are worth a lot more than they paid. Antiquing can be like a modern-day treasure hunt!

Paris is special because of its age, its beauty and its history. Antique dealers and buyers feel the same way about the things they bring home from the Paris flea market. Often these objects have endured moves, wartime, bad storage conditions and abuse. The fact that they survived earns them the right to be called an antique—just like the city of Paris has earned the right to be called magnifique!


July 22nd, 2015