Contributer Copies for My Article in FACES Magazine

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There is nothing more exciting than getting things in the mail. I remember when I was a kid I spent a great deal of time cutting Kenner points out and sending away for the Pet Club Pals. Cereal boxes also used to have mail always and they were such great fun! It would take 6-8 weeks but one day a little package would arrive–a pet! Well, actually a toy. If it were a live pet that would be cruel.

Now days, with email and texting I only receive wedding invitations, eBay purchases and prison letters in the mail. But on rare occasion I receive what is called a “contributor copy” which is a copy or two of the magazine in which one of my articles appear.

Today’s contributor copy is the April issue of FACES magazine–a world culture and travel magazine for kids. FACES is a wonderful magazine. I have always admired the clever articles and stories.


Last year I traveled to Paris to scout the Saint-Ouen Flea Market. When I heard FACES needed articles about Paris, I had to write about the antiques I saw there. The market was absolutely HUGE. My friend and I spent all day there getting chased off by Parisians for taking pictures. We had wonderful fun though! In a few weeks I will post some pictures of the market. I must have taken a billion. For now, you can read about it in FACES magazine April issue, which can be ordered here.


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