Here’s a Different Way To Look at Haters

Written by on September 1st, 2016 // Filed under Craft Of Writing, Encouragement & Philosophy, Erika Viktor

Haters gonna hate

Haters hurt our feelings and violate our sense of justice because they are looking at us through skewed, black and white lenses. It isn’t fair that they reviewed our book without reading it. It isn’t fair they judged our lives without really knowing us. It isn’t fair they hurt us without repercussion.

We allow them to crush our spirits, even if only for a day.

But there’s a new way we can choose to look at haters.

They are boring.

Stop seeing haters as mean, cruel, animalistic, uninformed or aggressive.

See them as boring.

Because haters simply are boring!

  • Haters don’t make stuff. They just hate stuff. That’s boring.
  • Hating is easy. Easy can be done by anyone. What can be done by anyone is boring.
  • Haters don’t think in nuance. Their thinking is black and white and therefore easy to predict. That is boring.
  • Haters don’t try to understand. They make quick judgements. That’s boring.
  • Haters are frightened to go out and do things themselves, so they throw rocks at people who do. That’s boring.

In our world, aggression and cruelty are threats, but boring is a small, inconsequential hurdle.


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