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Merry Christmas!

Since I forgot to get you something, I present to you this blog post. Sorry, you can’t regift it.

Awhile ago, my writer’s group and I got together to photograph the worst possible writer’s photos our imaginations could conspire. We were limited only by the amount of gargoyle statues we owned (zero) and cats we had on site (one). Writer’s photos throughout the ages have had a spotty history filled with skulls, monocles, bizarre pets, alcohol and capes. But let’s face it: being a writer can be such a lonely business, we writers NEED our booze, cats and katanas. How else do we fight the demons that scrape our fragile minds? I think in the act of spoofing we came a little too close to the truth, so close I can see actually using a few of these in the future.

And now, presenting the SLC Write Club–a spoof on Fight Club, in that we possibly exist only in our own imaginations. And if you read all our bios it begins to sound like a terrible joke: A lawyer, a psychologist and a vet walk into a bar…


Laura is our resident proofreader and veterinarian. Laura has been published in magazines such as ASK and APPLESEEDS, writing articles about her work with rescue dogs and answering questions readers have about their pets. Laura has written The Corgi Chronicles–an awesome book for young readers! Laura can be counted on to laugh at all our dumb jokes and find our dumb punctuation errors. She also saved my cat’s life once!


Brian Lee Durfee is a Utah artist and writer who has done illustrations for clients including Lucasfilm, TOPPS Trading Cards, Word Perfect, Wizards of the Coast, Tolkien Enterprises, Dungeons & Dragons, img_9763Applejack Art, Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust, Denali National Park, and many more. His award winning art has been in the Society of Illustrators NY, SPECTRUM Best In Contemporary Fantastic Art #3, and the L. Ron Hubbard Illustrators of the Future Vol 9. He has won the Arts For The Parks Bird Award plus the Grand Caynon Purchase Award and now has a painting on permanent display at the Grand Canyon Visitors Center-Kolb Gallery. Brian has been represented by Trailside Gallery in Jackson WY and Mountain Trails in Park City UT, two of the most exclusive western/landscape galleries in the world. He has written two horror novels and an epic fantasy novel. I am currently reading his fantasy novel and ADORE his horror novels. Brian is a rare talent and always has a great story to tell. Brian’s website can be found here.

img_9865JA TREVOR

Trevor is filled with youth, wit and undeniable charm, he is a fiction workhorse. His book: Only Gingers can be Witches is available on Amazon right now! We will be interviewing him on Erika Viktor in the coming weeks. You can visit him at his website:!

Michelle is a web designer and amazing seamstress whose first attempt at novel writing (entitled Fractured and currently being shopped around) is nothing short of stunning. She is currently working on an insider’s perspective of LARPing (Live Action Role Play) and a spooky paranormal ghost story.


Randal has been a cowboy, a ranch hand, a truck driver, a musician and a philosopher. Now, he is working as a psychologist in Oregon. His Edward Abbey-esq travelogues continue to stun us with their Earl Grey smokiness, their deep winding insight on man and nature, and their persistent beatings of the “what does it all mean” drum. Randal is the mentor of the group, and one hell of a fun jamming partner. We hope to persuade him to publish his poetic memoirs so we all can read them while gazing into the saccharine sunsets of our minds.


Every group needs at least one feisty red-head! Vanessa fits the bill completely. She is incredibly witty and snarky, but also has a golden heart. Voracious reader and animal lover, Vanessa holds degrees in psychology and special education. Vanessa’s book Greener Grass, explores the complexity of envy and life perspective between two friends. Vanessa introduced me to my first martini and is ALWAYS fun to be around.



Since Russ wasn’t available for the shoot, we had Reggie stand in for him. Reggie–er, I mean Russ is a Lawyer practicing here in Utah. Although he writes legal-ese all day, Russ is a very talented humorist and science fiction writer. He is also very competent at handling all of our legal quandaries, from contracts to the best ways to thwart our enemies. Russ has a subtle humor and a near-bottomless knowledge of what’s awesome in the sci-fi fantasy field. We always love his recommendations. Russ has a very level headed approach to critique that can’t be matched!


Yours truly. You can find out more about me here.img_0037


Thank you for checking out the SLC Write club! For your viewing pleasure, please bask in our terrible writer’s photos gallery! PS-I realized at one point we all had that pipe in our mouths, even the cat. Sharing is caring!








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