12 Hobgoblins of Self Sabotage

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Last week we talked about the ten-year game and self-sabotage, hitting invisible ceilings and how we can mess up our chances at happiness through small acts of destruction.

Here, in no particular order are some of the many breeds of self-sabotage:


Drama includes petty fights with your partner, the rehashing of injustices doled out by others, a ceaseless need to control, having to be right, insistence that your reality must be the chief reality of the room and any other behavior whose sole purpose is to put you at odds with others.


Minor messes, lack of proper habits, persistent disorganization and anything else that demonstrates how unaware of how we really are.


Any physical or mental state or injury that elicits pity, keeps you chronically unable and gives you a reason to feel sorry for yourself.


Too much sugar, food, diet soda, drugs, sex, video games, spending or any number of out of control gluttonous behavior will reap serious consequences. How many office warriors haunt the local fast food joints in order to release the steam valve?


The quitting of any promised course of action, no matter how small, has the stink of sabotage all over it, especially when leaving out of resentment, anger or self-righteousness.


New ideas are always more attractive than old ideas. New ideas are easier to start than slogging through the dip of older, more established ideas.


Everything starts tomorrow. We will get our work done tomorrow. We will do better tomorrow. We will do that thing when we are ready.


In order to claim our power over others, we delay, become chronically late, fail to respond, fail to ship, fail to follow through, ignore and subvert, and act passive aggressive.


Knowing what you want, but being confused about what to do next is a reason to stall indefinitely.


Any action where we attempt to gain without paying.


The cousin of confusion. Often called analysis paralysis. Planning has many solutions and no actions. If you have a lot of abandoned checklists, this might be your breed.


And we arrive at my particular breed self-sabotage. I will work hard to create a certain environment, then, within a month I am bored to tears. I have grown bored with projects, people, jobs and routines. Like a time bomb, the boredom waits in a dormant phase, for things to get really productive, then BOOM! I am searching for the next exciting thing that ignites my passion. Does this happen to you?

This is by no means a complete list of self-sabotaging tactics, but it is enough.

When playing the Ten Year Game, which one of these played a part in your life last year?

Ten years ago?








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